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The forgotten soldiers behind Netflix’s ‘The Liberator’ (Task and Purpose)

‘The Liberator’ tells the WWII story of Felix Sparks, an American and Colorado hero (Colorado Gazette)

The Friends of the National World War II Memorial held a wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of Veterans Day (C-SPAN)

WWII Memorial commemorating Veterans Day with virtual wreath presentation, ceremony, music (ABC 7 WJLA)

Washington Salute to Host Connecting Generations Virtual Discussion Featuring Tuskegee Airman, Jason Wright, And Doug Williams (Washington Football Team)

National World War II Memorial to be complete with addition of FDR’s D-Day prayer plaque (Connecting Vets)

FDR’s moving fireside D-Day prayer to be added to World War II Memorial (The Washington Post)

Op-Ed: Helping to Honor and Preserve the National Memory of World War II (The Morning Consult)

Meet the last survivor of a legendary World War II sub (San Diego Union Tribune)

Friends of the National World War II Memorial to mark 75th anniversary of V-J Day (ConnectingVets)

Weber should support minting of WWII memorial coins (The Galveston County Daily News)

Column: WWII memorial can educate, inspire every American (The Columbus Dispatch)

CoinWeek Podcast #136: Coins to Conserve a Monument (CoinWeek)

Bill would create commemorative coin in support of National WWII Memorial (Military Times)

Paying tribute to the heroes of D-Day 76 years later (Connecting Vets)

The triumph and tragedy of D-Day, in black and white (Washington Post)

Graffiti removed from World War II Memorial in wake of national protests (Connecting Vets)

National World War II Memorial is vandalized (Stars and Stripes)

Photos: A most unusual Memorial Day weekend (Roll Call)

Staying in? How to watch Memorial Day events being livestreamed this year (ABC News)

As virus forces 75th anniversary V-E Day tributes online, World War II vets’ stories ‘transcend time’ (USA TODAY)

Special V-E Day Edition (USA TODAY)

Without visitors, the WWII Memorial is being overrun by weeds (Connecting Vets)

Alex Kershaw talks “The Liberator” animated series (Connecting Vets)

The National World War II Memorial is starting to show its age (Connecting Vets) To support this effort, please click here.

Today marks 75 years since the beginning of the Battle of Iwo Jima (ABC7/WJLA)

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley remembers his father who stormed the shores of Iwo Jima (Connecting Vets)

Vet relishes Super Bowl experience (Altoona Mirror)

Meet the World War II Veterans Who Will Participate in the Super Bowl LIV Coin Toss (Connecting Vets)

World War II veteran with Tampa ties is part of Super Bowl festivities (Tampa Bay Times)

4 WW2 100-year-old vets help the Super Bowl coin toss (American Military News)

Four centenarian World War II veterans honored at Super Bowl LIV (FOX News)

Marv’s mission: Levy enlisting NFL’s help to honor Greatest Generation (The Buffalo News)

Battle of the Bulge 75th Anniversary (C-SPAN)

This Army platoon’s “last-ditch stand” during the Battle of the Bulge holds lessons for small units in future wars (Military Times)

Allies commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in DC ceremony (Stars and Stripes)

Josiah Bunting III: Honoring Those Who Fought in the Battle of the Bulge Battle of the Bulge (InsideSources)

78 years after Pearl Harbor, veterans honored at WWII memorial (WJLA)

Pearl Harbor survivor recalls “Day of Infamy” (Connecting Vets)

Pearl Harbor survivor recalls historic hours that pulled America into World War II (Military Times)

History project honors WWII student veterans (The Daily Evergreen)

On Veterans Day at WWII Memorial, a Parade of Heroes (Stars and Stripes)

Americans Salute World War II Veterans on Veterans Day (DoD)

World War II veterans remembered at memorial on National Mall (WTOP)

World War II still fresh in the memories of Greatest Generation Veterans (Connecting Vets)

WWII Veterans lay wreaths for fallen comrades at DC memorial (BR Proud)

Vets Day WWII Memorial (WGNO)

91-year-old DC area veteran recalls times of war (Fox5)

OpEd: The National World War II Memorial is a grateful remembrance — don’t let it fall apart (The Hill) To support this effort, please click here.

Kaptur, King Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Create Commemorative Coin To Support National World War II Memorial (Kaptur Newsroom, 2019)

World War II Memorial Coin Proposed By Lorain-Area Representative (Patch, 2019)

Legendary NFL coach Marv Levy asks league to honor WWII’s ‘Greatest Generation’ (Fox and Friends, 2019)

Coach Marv Levy: NFL honors World War II ‘Greatest Generation’ – Each team has its own connection to war (Fox News, 2019)

After Nearly 75 Years, ‘Eagle 7’ Tankers Pinned With Bronze Stars (Department of Defense, 2019)

Teacher bridges ‘generation gap’ between high school students, veterans (Washington Post, 2019)

WWII veterans commemorate 74th anniversary of V-J Day at WWII Memorial (ABC7/WJLA, 2019)

Teacher bridges ‘generation gap’ between high school students, veterans (Daily Press, 2019)

OpEd: Commemorating the liberation of Paris 75 years later (Connecting Vets, 2019)

World War II and Innovations in Food Rationing (American History TV, C-SPAN, 2019)

World War II and Innovations in Art (American History TV, C-SPAN, 2019)

World War II Clothes Rationing and Fashion Innovations (American History TV, C-SPAN, 2019)

Veterans of WWII Battle for Brest honored on 75th Anniversary (Connecting Vets, 2019)

OpEd: Student-Veteran relationships benefit both parties (Daily Press, 2019)

75th Anniversary Commemoration, Battle of Saipan (Saipan Tribune, 2019)

D-Day heroes remembered at D.C. World War II memorial (KAIT, 2019)

D-Day heroes celebrated on historic anniversary (KTUU, 2019)

75 years later, a chance to say thank you (ConnectingVets, 2019)

9,000 names read at World War II Memorial for 75th anniversary of D-Day (WTOP, 2019)

Names of fallen heard in capital (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 2019)

D-Day remembered in 75th anniversary ceremony (PBS, 2019)

Reading of Names Commemorates D-Day (Department of Defense, 2019)

World War II military deaths remembered at National Mall memorial (WTOP, 2019)

On Victory in Europe Day, Honor Those Who Served (OpEd by Friends’ Chairman Josiah Bunting III, 2019)

Friends Executive Director Holly Rotondi Interviewed on “The CV Report” (2019)

Friends of the National World War II Memorial Statement on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush (2018)

Remembering the Invasion of Sicily in World War II (Circa, 2018)

Veterans Reflect on D-Day 74 Years Later (The Story with Martha MacCallum, 2018)

Discovering Washington, D.C.’s Historical Marvels (Jetline Cruise, 2018)

Toski Brothers Honored for World War II Service in Washington, D.C. (Daily Hampshire Gazette, 2018)

WWII Veterans remember V-E Day in Washington (CBS19, 2018)

WWII vets honored at their memorial (WTOP, 2017)

NFL coaching great Marv Levy remembers the euphoria of V-J Day (Stars and Stripes, 2016)

Redskins Take Part In Pearl Harbor Commemoration (VIDEO, 2016)

World War II veterans gather in Washington to commemorate V-J Day (Stars and Stripes, 2016)

The Greatest Generation Commemorates V-J Day at the National World War II Memorial (photos) (The Georgetowner, 2016)

Veterans say wading in WWII Memorial’s Rainbow Pool ‘disrespectful’ (Fox News, 2016)

New Signs Considered to Prevent World War II Memorial Wading (, 2016)

Should people wade in the WWII Memorial pools? (WJLA, 2016)

At the WWII Memorial, a complicated question: To wade or not to wade? (Washington Post, 2016)

D-Day: Ceremonies Mark 72 Years Since Normandy Landings (WNBC, 2016)

Veterans present wreaths at World War II Memorial (WTOP, 2016)

World War II Memorial ceremony honors the fallen (Stars and Stripes, 2016)

WWII Today, The Reading List: Josiah Bunting III (WWII Magzine/, 2016)

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