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July 19-24, 2021: 6th Annual Teachers Conference (Virtual) Register now!

Every third Saturday: Monthly Virtual Education Conference Series

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The conferences feature presentations by fellow educators and other experts in the area of WWII history, discussions with WWII veterans, tours of sites of WWII significance, and a remembrance ceremony at the WWII Memorial. Each participant who participates in the full conference will receive a certificate the appropriate number continuing education hours.

The program is open to any elementary, middle, or high school teacher or college professor at an accredited public, charter, private or parochial school who will teach during the concurrent school year (for the Fall Conferences) or the following school year (for the Summer Conference). Media specialists, librarians, curriculum coordinators and academic coaches are eligible as long as they spend at least half of their time providing direct instruction to students.

Participants will be exposed to a broad spectrum of WWII history resources and tools aimed at educating current and future generations about the everyday men and women whose character, courage, creativity, determination, and innovation not only led to the winning of the war, but also reshaped America.

At the heart of the Friends’ Teachers Network and Conference program is the concept of community service.

Friends hopes conference participants will return to their schools and communities with the ability and desire to empower America’s young people with a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility to renew the spirit of unity and shared purpose, which defined the character of our country during the war years. Therefore, each participant will be expected to enlist their students to fulfill a community service obligation within their communities in the year following the conference.

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Hear what past participants are saying

“Thank you for taking the leap to make this learning opportunity available. This conference exceeded my expectations, and while I know this was an unusual year, I would have loved for it to go longer than 3 hours a day! It was well organized with informed and engaging presenters. I learned much about World War II that I didn’t know, and also encountered information and sources to support what I did know and do already teach in my classroom. I have a deep list of books and links and articles to consult when teaching World War II from now on.”

“This conference was a refreshing surprise. Feeling somewhat “stuck” this summer because of the pandemic, I felt as if I had a break from the norm through the conference. Engaging with history rather than studying a direct content related conference, I was challenged to consider ways of broadening what I do in my classes. How can I take lessons from history, specifically the lessons of a united cause, and acknowledging, celebrating, and protecting identities, and more directly engage with these lessons in art. There are countless ways, but I plan to be more intentional this year.”

“I have done several conferences online this summer, and this one had the technology top notch.”

“The conference was outstanding! I truly enjoyed the interaction between participants and presenters. Sometimes I forgot it was a virtual conference. Great Job!”

“It was the best online conference experience ever for me!”

“Wonderful conference! I have notes on different resources and topics to share with my students. I liked all the connections made to today so our students can see that history impacts what is happening today, not just facts in a book. I’m excited to plan some new lessons and explore more topics on my own.”

“Thank you for providing this opportunity. I would have loved to participate in person, but the virtual option was wonderful. This helped to make up in a way for not being able to participate in face to face professional development. Thank you for all you hard work organizing and creating a virtual conference.”

“Such a wealth of information. Loved being able to hear from and interact with WWII veterans. This experience is so vital before they are lost to us forever.”

“As a whole, I was very impressed by this conference. Not only was it organized and went off without a hitch, but each topic and presenter was fascinating and engaging. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself!”

“You all did an amazing job! This was a very meaningful week for me and I am now even more excited to be able to visit in person next year. The only thing that would make this better is to be able to meet these wonderful people in person and speak to them face to face.”

“Worth every single minute of it! I loved the virtual nature. Felt like I was there in person.”

“I came across this conference by accident, and I am so glad that I did. The speakers were all very knowledgeable and they presented on a wide variety of topics. I learned a lot from the sessions, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my students. I hope to be able to attend an in person conference in the future! I would love to learn more about ways to get involved with Friends, and learn more about other projects that teachers have put together.”

“I thought this was great. I’ve been teaching for 27 years and learned things that I didn’t know about. It is always great when you can learn new information and new ways to get students involved in their learning.”

“AWESOME! I think one of the things that impressed me the most about this conference was that some of the presenters were from high schools. Their knowledge and passion for their areas of expertise was incredible. I would love to be a student in their classrooms. Hope their students realize they have college level quality expertise in their rooms.  LOTS of valuable information. I was discussing with a colleague that when you gain all kinds of great information from phenomenal scholars how and where do I put it into my curriculum? That’s a good challenge to have and glad I have a few weeks before schools start up again to find places to put it in.”

“It was wonderful! I have attended many conferences in 31 years as a classroom teacher and this was by far the best. I usually take the attitude that if I can take one thing away from a conference that I can use in my classroom that would be a good day and worth my time. There was so much from the experience some large and others small that will change what I do and the learning experiences for my students. My sincere thanks and compliments to all involved in the planning and execution of a great week!!”

“The conference was so informative and well balanced. I thought the information and presentations were so multifaceted that we learned about the war from different perspectives – how it was for the military, for the war brides, for braceros, etc. I appreciated the impeccable organization and punctuality of every session. The pre-recorded format, as opposed to live sessions, and the live Q & A’s were a great set-up to ensure no technological difficulties during the presentations. I appreciated the agenda in the beginning of each day as well as the agenda for the following day at the end of the day. Great logistics!”

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