Character is Destiny

Character is Destiny: Lessons of WWII High School Education Program

Unity, Integrity, Duty, Humility, Courage, and Sacrifice: These are the values that characterized the men and women who fought and won World War II. We honor and remember them as our Greatest Generation.

The Goal: To teach the lessons, values, and character of America’s World War II generation to our country’s next generation and to inspire young people to be proud to be American through one of the greatest chapters in their country’s history.

In a world rife with divisive messages, Character is Destiny has proven to be a powerful counterbalance to cynicism and negativity. Learning the lessons of World War II has a strong positive impact on the ideals and aspirations of our nation’s young citizens.

Storytelling: To Teach and Inspire

The lessons of World War II can best be understood by learning the stories of the individuals who put their dreams on hold and their lives on the line to do what they believed was right.
Alex Kershaw, historian and best-selling author, is one of America’s most skilled and knowledgeable WWII storytellers. Since 2021, he has enthralled high school audiences and challenged students to ask themselves the same hard questions their forebears were forced to answer 80 years ago. Students experience World War II as the saga of ordinary individuals who worked together and prevailed. They come away inspired. . . realizing, often for the first time, that when they join with others for the common good, they truly can change the world for the better. During his talks Kershaw asks young people some tough questions. They respond with heartfelt appreciation and thoughtful reflection.

Over the course of researching and writing about WWII, Kershaw has come to know intimately the stories of people who faced down evil with unparalleled courage and selfless heroism. His impassioned retelling of those stories have, time and again, had a profound impact on listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Together We Can Accomplish Great Things for Our Country's Future

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