Character is Destiny Education Programming

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From Successful Local Program to Nationwide Initiative

Character is Destiny has the potential to impact thousands of communities and students in a positive, productive way.

It is important to understand that democracy defines our way of life, that it is precious, and that is the responsibility of each and every citizen to protect and preserve it. We need to remind our young adults that their individual commitment to family, community, and country can make a huge collective difference. Now. Today. And every day.

We see time and again that the basics of impactful storytelling can be shared, learned, and taught. With our longstanding nationwide connections to dedicated teachers, successful authors, and countless experts, including veterans themselves, Friends is uniquely positioned to grow our Character is Destiny program nationwide.

High School Visits
Through workshopping, teachers' conferences, and mentoring, Friends identifies and develops the skills and hones the messaging of our most talented and impactful partners--our educators--so that Character is Destiny can be experienced by more high school students.

Community Service Projects
Involving thousands of citizens nationwide.

Monthly Conference Series
For history enthusiasts, educators, and students.

Annual Teachers' Conference
Every summer, in Washington, D.C.

Educational Travel
Group trips to signficant WWII sites provide a comprehensive understanding of the key events. In-depth commentary by WWII experts provides insight into the extraordinary courage and selflessness of those who changed history.

Proving the Power of In-Person Storytelling

Best-selling author and Friends of the National World War II Memorial's Resident Historian Alex Kershaw is one of America’s most skilled and knowledgeable WWII storytellers. Since 2021, he has enthralled high school audiences and challenged students to ask themselves the same hard questions their forebears were forced to answer 80 years ago. Students experience World War II as the saga of ordinary individuals who worked together and prevailed. They come away inspired. . . realizing, often for the first time, that when they join with others for the common good, they truly can change the world for the better.

If you would like to have Kershaw speak to visit your community and school and speak with your students, please complete the form below.

Together we can revisit the past as a gift to our future.

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