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Saturday, March 19

The Asia-Pacific War and the Japanese-American experience.

10:00AM to 10:55AM (ET)
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The 746th Far East Air Force Band and a Grammy for WWII Veterans

Jason Burt

Jason Burt is a writer, historian, teacher, and the music producer of the 746th Far East Air Force album "Sentimental Journey." His writing has been published by History News Network, The Havok Journal, and for the 75th Commemoration of the End of World War II.

The 746th Far East Air Force was a band unit in the Pacific, playing shows for frontline soldiers in the Philippines. Today, the musical recordings they created in the jungles of Manila are garnering attention and the possibility of a Best Historical Album Grammy nomination for these World War II veterans.

11:00AM to 11:55AM (ET)
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Resting in History

Sandra Lane Walker

Sandra taught science at the Army Education Center in Germany, the University of Cincinnati, University of Washington, and served as a Clinical Director at University of Washington Hospital. Intermixed in those years, she researched and studied records of her father’s life and his service to our nation.

Her father, Major Robert Lane, served 45 months with the Second Armored Division, “Hell on Wheels,” in the European Theater. Major Lane was killed in action on August 23, 1944. This presentation describes Sandra's extensive time spent with the Division Veterans and her journey following her father’s path in Morocco, Sicily, and Europe listening to the veterans’ mix of laughter and tears. Sandra's mother kept Robert’s telegram, formal military letters, VA pension forms, photos, and letters he wrote.

12:00PM to 1:00PM (ET)
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A Discussion with WWII Veteran Bill Ryan

After completing specialized training at the Naval Gunnery School in Gulfport, Mississippi, Mr. Ryan was assigned to the Naval Armed Guard as a gunner on the 3” gun aboard the Liberty Ship, USMC 0347 Robert Toombs. He served in numerous major actions with both the 5th Fleet under Admiral Spruance and the 3rd Fleet under Admiral Halsey in the Pacific. He continued post-war occupation duty at Yokosuka Naval Base Japan at war’s end until his Honorable Discharge from active service on March 1, 1946.

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