Monthly Conference Series

Friends of the National World War II Memorial presents a Monthly Conference Series to learn more about the spirit of unity and shared purpose that defined the character of our country during World War II.  This series of monthly half-day virtual conferences features discussions with WWII veterans, war orphans, published authors, and other experts. New York Times best-selling author and Friends' Resident Historian Alex Kershaw moderates the discussions after each presentation.

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September - April
Third Saturday Monthly
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET

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Saturday, April 20

The Asia-Pacific War and the Japanese-American experience.

10:00AM to 10:55AM (ET)
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The Experience of American POWs in the Philippines and Japan in World War II

John A. Glusman

John A. Glusman is a publishing executive who has published Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, and numerous New York Times bestsellers. His book, "Conduct Under Fire: Four American Doctors and their Fight for Life as Prisoners of the Japanese, 1941-45" (Viking/Penguin) won a Colby Award in 2005, shared with Ian Toll, for the best work of military non-fiction by a first time author.

Mr. Glusman will discuss the heroic efforts of four Navy doctors, among them, his father, Murray Glusman, who became prisoners of the Japanese on the Fall of Corregidor in the Philippines, May 6, 1942. Like their fellow servicemen, they suffered from malaria, starvation, the brutality of Japanese prison guards, endured slave labor, the American firebombing of Japan, and finally, the Japanese “hellships,” many of which were torpedoed by U.S. submarines in the run-up to the Battle of Leyte.

11:00AM to 11:55AM (ET)
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Tripped: Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the Dawn of the Psychedelic Age

Norman Ohler

Norman Ohler is an award-winning German novelist, screenwriter, and journalist and author of the book "Tripped: Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the Dawn of the Psychedelic Age". In this presentation, Mr. Ohler explores the surge in drug use in post-World War II Berlin and the American government's fascination with the drug policies and psychedelic research of the defeated Nazis. He outlines how the United States, particularly through the CIA's MKUltra project, sought to utilize Nazi research on LSD for purposes of mind control and interrogation. Ohler's narrative in "Tripped" connects these historical dots, showcasing the complex legacy of Nazi and CIA endeavors in influencing the development and perception of psychedelic research.

12:00PM to 1:00PM (ET)
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Interview with WWII Veteran David Dines, M.D.

Dr. Dines served in the Marine Corps as a teenager. He enlisted at 17 and fought in the battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. After losing his two closest friends in the war and emerging unscathed himself, he felt a deep commitment to give back to society. Encouraged by his father-in-law, Dr. Dines chose medicine as his way to contribute, leading to a distinguished career in pulmonary medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

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