“The Friends of the National World War II Memorial strives daily to meet its important mission of teaching lessons of yesterday to unite generations of tomorrow. With a small motivated staff and a passionate Board of Directors, Friends works determinedly to provide quality commemorative and educational programming, both in-person and online. The past year and a half has been a transformative time for many of us. Throughout, Friends worked diligently and successfully to adapt and to provide valuable and relevant content to educators, students, and the general public. Our programs – both old and new – are making tremendous strides in honoring and preserving the national memory of World War II and creating the next “Greatest Generation” of tomorrow. Through the commitment of our generous donors, trusted partners, and exemplary staff we look forward to continuing our important work for years to come.”

~ Josiah Bunting III, Chairman Emeritus, Friends of the National World War II Memorial

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Transparency and Accountability Statement

Friends of the National World War II Memorial is deeply committed to transparency and accountability. We carefully manage our resources to maximize the funding that goes toward our in-person and online educational and commemorative programming. Donors receive updates and communications from Friends and can opt-out at any time. 67% of Friends’ spending is directed to nationwide public program activities, while 28% is utilized for fundraising and 5% goes toward finance and administration. We communicate with our supporters by postal mail and other channels to educate the public and advance the spirit of unity and community which was present during World War II, as well as to generate income and maintain our membership base. As a result, in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines, our direct mail costs are divided between fundraising and public education to highlight WWII and its veterans and the time in our history when Americans on the home front were united in support of our service members' efforts on the battlefront to defeat authoritarianism, fascism, and racism and to bring freedom to millions around the globe.

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